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vishal story

Let me tell you a story about a girl called Mira. Mira is now 8 years old and goes to school in her village. When you meet her, she will smile shyly and say ‘hello – how are you’ in...


CORD works to alleviate COVID misery

Lifelines has supported the rural upliftment and women’s empowerment projects at CORD for over 10 years , with an annual commitment now at $50,000 per annum – much of it to support the work of the CORD Training Centre. Educate –...


Lifelines and Think Equal initiative in Tower Hamlets

Lifelines supported the free distribution of Think Equal educational packs to support families with young children, throughout the period of lockdown. Think Equal books help to improve a child’s self-confidence, emotional literacy, diversity awareness and so much more!


International Migrants Day – Monday 20th December

Lifelines works  to transform and empower vulnerable people . On  International Migrants Day we stand in solidarity and support of all migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and victims of trafficking and slavery.


Summer Camp that was not.

Schools that we support in our projects in Tamil Nadu, India would have their main holidays second half of April and whole of May. This is the hottest season and activities in daily life are reduced to minimum. Many schools...


Lifelines CEO, Madhavi Vadera, invited to speak at the Global education Summit

Lifelines CEO – Madhavi Vadera has been invited to speak at the Global education Summit. The summit is a chance to engage with over 200 speakers from around the world, connect with 10,000s of innovative educators from every continent, learn from...


Lifelines Funds The Choir Giving Trafficked Women A Voice

Lifelines is proud to support the  work of the AMIES CHOIR – a choral singing project  using music to heal, connect and empower women victims of trafficking and slavery. The choir is the brainchild of John Martin of PAN Intercultural...


The Forgotten Voices Of Afghan Girls

For many young women, born after the Allied forces propped up the local government ( post 2004) the only Afghanistan they knew was the cosmopolitan, democratic model modelled by the alliance of the peacekeepers and the progressives in government. The...


Lifelines & Crisis Help Women Access Safe & Secure Housing

The importance of a safe place to stay has been heightened during the pandemic and made us all think of the continuing pressure on those who are at risk of losing their home. We know that homelessness for women largely...