PHOLA comes from the Nguni word ‘ heal’. This charity was founded by Ncazelo Ncube-Mlilo , one of the pioneers of the internationally renowned narrative therapy approach called the ‘Tree of Life’. The charity strives to provide culturally appropriate trauma counselling and psychosocial services to children, women and families empowering them to ‘become leaders in bringing about social change’ for themselves and their families.

Lifelines has directly, and through its association with Nelumbo Stiftung, committed to supporting Phola’s work in South Africa by contributing towards the operational costs of therapeutic services and sponsoring research studies.

Specific funding outcomes include the sponsorship of workshops and training conferences; the provision of scalable therapeutic services to at least 1000 women/children; and the establishment of weekly group therapy sessions at the Phola Centre aiming to reach 100,000 people with Tree of Life methodology by 2023; and finally, to research and publish case studies and to contribute to academic

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