Summer Camp that was not.

By admin_lifeline

Schools that we support in our projects in Tamil Nadu, India would have their main holidays second half of April and whole of May. This is the hottest season and activities in daily life are reduced to minimum.

Many schools conduct Summer Camps in month of May. This is kind of Summer School where children get to learn outside of the strict curriculum they need to follow for the rest of the year. They learn art and craft, music, foreign languages, dancing, yoga, computing… Children from various schools would join the children from existing schools or tuition centers. They would go on visits to botanical park and have a ride on the train, visit Science museum, go to the beach or even to the cinema. Most of these programs in our project are free or for symbolic fee.

There would be young volunteers from universities joining the camps and help taking care of the children. As schools have AC or fans Summer Camps are also a good hideout from the burning summer heat.

This year Covid-19 made us cancel all of Summer Camp plans. We can only revise our memories from last year’s activities. Like when we learnt how to make gorgeous bracelets from left over beads and buttons.