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Think Equal is the brainchild of visionary human activist and BAFTA winning film producer Leslee Udwin. It is a registered UK and US charity established in 2016, whose aims are to promote a holistic approach to education incorporating value-based learning as part of core subject teaching Their work is guided by and endorsed by educators and leading child developmental experts and is specifically focussed on the ‘Early Years’ when the child’s moral framework is beginning to develop.

Think Equal seeks to develop partnerships with educators, policy makers, schools, educational and wellbeing organisations to pioneer the inclusion of social and emotional learning (SEL) within the curricula of Early Years education.

Think Equal’s comprehensive programme incorporating teaching manuals, training and children’s books, have been rolled out to targeted schools ( e.g. India, Kenya, Botswana) and initial impact assessments conducted by the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence, concluded that ‘Results revealed that children exposed to Think Equal were more socially and emotionally skilled and substantially less likely to be angry, aggressive, anxious, or withdrawn than their peers who did not have access to Think Equal.’

Think Equal has attracted the global support of educational philanthropists, child development experts and advocates for transformative social change.
This includes Scholas – Pope Francis’s initiative to promote inclusive social transformational projects; who have actively adopted and partnered with Think Equal’s programme within its network of educational institutions.

Lifelines working with Nelumbo Stiftung has committed funding for a pilot project primary schools in Tower Hamlets, which includes a fully resourced qualitative research study into methodology and outcomes. Additional funding to roll out the Think Equal programme in Sri Lanka , sponsored entirely by Nelumbo, will commence in late 2020, subject to COVID related restrictions.

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